Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Comparing and Ordering numbers

Comparing numbers

To compare numbers you need to look at see what’s the place value of your numbers and then see if you have to regroup your numbers and don’t forget to use strategies. You also line them up and stack them up the way that helps you is that it line’s up your place value and also always check your work!

Ordering numbers: To order numbers you need to check your numbers and see if you need to regroup your numbers and use strategies to put them in order from least to greatest or from greatest to least. This is how i order numbers i look at the 10,000 place value if it is the same i go to 1,000 if its the same igo to the next digit and so on until i find a difference in the numbers and then if you are going from least to greatest find the least number and that is your answer. It’s the same with greatest to least just flip flop the bigger number is your answer. So that is ordering numbers and as always don’t forget to check your work!

Here is a strategies for both to use number lines, counters and  base ten blocks to.

By Gunnar Pearce

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